Friday, February 29, 2008

Ready to Share...

As I prepare to start my home study to adopt from Ethiopia, my heart is warmed by something my daughter said to me today... "Mom I promise I will share my room if I get a brother or sister" (heart melting...)

Where did this come from? Well ML has been asking a lot to have a brother AND a sister at our house... as she already has a sister at her father's. I ask her why she wants this, and she says she wants to have someone to play with. At first she asks for babies that come from "my tummy", and I tell her that is not in the likely near future, but maybe through adoption... and we discuss what that means and why.

I tell her that having a brother and/or sister is not all fun and games, you have to share everything. Toys, the TV, mom, story time... I said she might even have to share her room...

It was about 10 minutes after this discussion in the car today, after, I assume, she had thought about this, when she declared that she in fact was ready to share to have a brother and sister live in our house. This made me smile, and makes me think that maybe just maybe the fates are conspiring to make this finally happen...

I wonder if she will remember this when the sibling rivalry sets in? HA HA

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Has it really been that long??

So this week I sent in my paperwork to start the process to adopt from Ethiopia!!

(I haven't told anyone in real life yet... for now it is my little secret... and well anyone who actually reads this now knows as well!!)

I promise to keep this blog posted on the happenings of this journey. Really I wont disappear for another 6 months or so, promise.