Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Update on the Rumours

Just wanted to say thanks for the comments and the helpful things etc., that were left on my last post. Much appreciated guys!

On the God's littlest Angels Website there is a note posted by Dixie who runs the orphanage about what all the fuss and rumours are about, so I thought I should post it here. Sounds like on the 18th, there will be more information available and maybe we can all find out about the new rules, and put these rumours about the 1974 laws to rest. Here's hoping...

July 9, 2007: There are many rumors about the Parquet and the Adoption law of 1974. At this time, Parquet and IBESR are still holding meetings and deciding which agency has authority over adoptions. According to the law, the President has given IBESR this authority. In the last 4 years, different people within the government has tried to implement the law of 1974, but have found that the practicality of only accepting families that meet all of the requirements is almost impossible. Our number of orphans has grown and adoption has changed. The new law of President Preval is going to chambers and will be voted on soon, then the law of 1974 will no longer be in effect. Do not panic. We have another meeting with Parquet July 18 and then maybe I will get a better idea of what the new requirements will be.

Friday, July 6, 2007


Just when I think I have finally made a decision...

While I was on vacation with ML, I did a lot of thinking and soul searching. After all what else is a girl to do after the little one goes to bed and there is no Internet!! I had finally decided that Haiti is from where my heart is being pulled. Filled out the paper work to start the adoption process, chose the orphanage that I wanted to adopt from, and felt really good about it all. Happy that I was finally able to make a decision.

Then on a email group I belong to, the rumours are flying that an old law of Haiti's from 1974 is being enforced, again, starting July 3, 2007. Part of this law states that anyone with a biological child cannot adopt. Obviously if this is true it will break my heart. I know that the Haitian government has enforced this law in the past, then a few months later has relaxed. There is also rumblings that they are actually in the process of creating new laws.

All rumours at this point, no one can tell me yet whether this is true or not.

So, am I back to thinking about Ethiopia again??