Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tagged!! I'm it!

OK I know I was tagged by Hazel ages ago, and I have some really good excuses as to why this has taken so long.... but anyways, here is my list of 7 random things about me. (This is way harder than I ever thought it would be, I can't be that boring can I?)

1) My favourite thing to do in the whole wide world is.... Travel. I know lots of people say that, But I just want to clarify, when I travel there is no all inclusive resort, meal plan and never leaving the beach/resort. I like to experience a place and eat where the locals eat. Which will bring me to next thing on my list

2) I am not an adventurist when it comes to eating, but I have eaten the ink from a squid on pasta in Japan. Oh and octopus on a stick too. And you could see all the suction things, had to eat it with my eyes closed. But it was surprisingly tasty. Ended up eating my sister's as well.

3) Feminist through and through. Gets me in trouble with the menfolk, as they are always intimidated by my crazy ideas. See they should listen to Stephen Lewis, he is one as well.

4) I hate to suntan/lie on the beach or be generally hot. It bores me to pieces. And I become like a 4 year old with no attention span. This sort of explains why the all inclusives don't appeal to me. I do love to swim though.

5) I love to make cards. I make cards for any occasion. It is one of my creative outlets. My family now pay me to make their cards for them to give away.

6) I am a freak about my books, and because of this do not lend them out. I hate to have the spine broken.

7) I have worked in the oil patch as a labourer. It taught me 2 things, I really wanted to finish my degree and the second, I will always be a feminist. I have so many stories that would knock you socks off of things I saw...

OH I need to tag some people.... ok sorry this is a cop out, but I am swamped, if you read this and you havent been tagged, consider yourself tagged!