Thursday, April 26, 2007

Why a second blog?

I have started this blog to only focus on adoption. My other blog deals with life as a single mom, including, hopefully, one day adoption, but there are lots of other ramblings that I dont want to get in the way.

I have had adoption in my heart for almost 2 years, and I am still trying to find the courage to start. There are 2 things that stop me from taking the next big step.

Issue # 1 - Money. I have the money to complete the adoption, it is the life after the adoption that concerns me. Could I manage to live only on 55% of my salary for 9 months? I know how important attachment and bonding is to a newly adopted child. (We are very fortunate to have paid parental leave in Canada!) What about the day to day costs, two kids in daycare, swimming lessons, soccer, entertainment?

Issue #2 Family. Do I have the strength to deal with their comments. The "you don't need another child" comments and that "you can't afford another kid(s)".

Erin over at adoption blogs discusses the barriers of money and the family . After reading her post, it feels like she is talking to me. The coles notes version is "if adding a child to your family is in your heart, you just make it a reality".

So that is my mission. Find the way to make it a reality. I'll keep you posted.